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Use this link to receive 25% off your order, this coupon code Imbolc can be combined with any other active coupon codes to receive a bigger discount. We are in dire need to clear out inventory, otherwise we will be closed down by February 21st. Please share this link with others, many blessings to you ~Willow~…
So everything in my Etsy shop will expire on Monday, most items will be moved to my main website while other items will never see the light of day again. Which means this is everyones last chance to get something from my Etsy shop. I will not be adding anything on Etsy ever again. 

Etsy Shop:
Update Sept. 21st: As of today there is more work done, I estimate another 2 weeks on it.…

I started writing and documenting on my big project. Have a look here:…
I am giving away my Wizard/Witch Hat, got to this blog post to enter:…

Starting on Monday everyone at my hubbys work will be getting less hours. They are cutting there hours down by one hour for everyone, and for a hospital thats pretty bad. It was either lay folks off or cut everyones hours. So he will be lousing an hour a day. That adds up. I dont know what to do I self promote but it seams to be dead across the board for me. Oh well the great thing is I am featured in an Etsy treasury!…

Exciting update! I been pre-approved for store credit. The down side is they want $600.00 for the down payment. I have lowered the embroidery machine goal on gofund me.  Thank you all for your support this far!

Hi everyone, for those who got our newsletter on Monday you probably saw we are trying to raise funds for an embroidery machine. I have always wanted one for several years now. The things I have dreamed up to make.
From altar cloths to designs on our costuming. Well for those interested I created an award level of donations, those who donate will be placed on a list and will have the first embroidery made items.

Award Levels:
$5.00: 1 patch
$10.00 1 patch and 1 Pouch: they are versatile bags that can be used to hold runes, dice, tarots, and anything else you may need it for.
$15.00 Voodoo Pin Cushion
$20.00 set of 3 tree ornaments
$25.00 set of 6 goddess dolls (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, White)
$35.00 Altar/Tarot/Rune Cloth
$40.00 1 patch and a Case( tablet/e-reader)
$75.00 Messenger bag and Case (tablet/e-reader)
$100.00 Choice of 1: Jerkin/Medieval Over Coat, Twill Corset, Medieval Vest
$200.00 Choice of 1: Cloak, Robe, Corset, Medieval Dress
$300.00-$400.00  Quilt and a choice from the $100.00 mark
$500 and up 1 patch, 1 Messenger Bag, 1 pouch, Set of 3 tree ornaments, Goddess dolls or Voodoo Dolls, 1 choice at $200.00 mark, 1 quilt.
Invite to store grand opening party
Designs of embroidery are but not limited to: Goth type designs, Medieval, Fantasy, Halloween, Pagan, Science, Cute children, Science, Star astrology, apothecary, Zombies, Winter, Elements, Geek , Sunbonnet Sue, Fairy Tails, Nature, ALice in wonderland, Steampunk and many others.

Our Go FundMe Main Page
Embroidery Raiser direct…
I have created a Sale Code for our main website.
Use promo code Beltane to receive 40% off at checkout, valid on orders of $25.00 or more. Good until May 31st.
I am selling as much as possible, the funds is going towards a savings account for my son. We are working on paper work to apply for an Autism Service dog for him. This code is good with everything including custom orders. I need the work to reach our goals.
I also have a few things in our Etsy shop in hopes to help generate a few sales or at least views.
I also do Custom Commissions as well. Feel free to ask me about it or go to our website for info.

Many Blessings to you and yours on this Beltane Night.
Main Website:…
I have been thinking for a long time about something important to me. I been wondering if I should just give up on creating and selling. It keeps me busy, keeps me sane, but in the end I just cant even break even. I think I should just sell off what I can and use the money towards a savings for an autism service dog for our son. I think after 12 years its time to call it quits and just realize the shop was nothing more then an empty pipe dream.
I am in need of help! I am looking for a lightweight Green Wool Fabric. I am designing a Merida outfit for my daughter and the only fabric I cant find anywhere is this wool fabric. If you have a source would you be willing to share it with me? You can do it in a PM or by e-mail or commenting this. I really need help on finding it I have been going nuts on the search engines. Thanks.

I am holding a Giveaway once my Fanpage reaches 5,000 fans! Only 50 away! Rules on entering can be found on my blog:…
Use the following code sacredoak10 to get 10% off your order! The code is valid until January 21st. You can redeem it at our Etsy shop or our main website.…
The last 4 days I have been working on my website, I am almost finished with the update. I should be finished by Wednesday if everything continues to go well.
Howdy guys, wow long time no update. We been busy getting moved and settled. But Everything is up and running on our website again! We will be keeping things in our storage which means Orders may take up to 24 hours to process and packaged out. This is temporary as we hope by February to have a semi permeant work space set up.

Thanks for being so patient with us.

Web site=
A while back I had offered a prize of Feature to the winners of the A-E Ladies Group Contest.
Group Link:

1st Place Winner: Stargate4ever…
with the entry The End of an Empire

2nd Place Winner: hellenielsen82
with the entry of The First Atlantian-The End

3rd Place Winner: Panther~Moon
with the entry of AtlantianGateGard

All Amazing entries and Congrats to one and all!
Well I have been busy with projects and getting the kids ready for back to school.
I have fixed most of the shipping issues, instead of weight it now goes by price.We reimburse overcharges. We try to get you the best quotes possible, you can still just message us with your order and we can send you an invoice.
We are having a sale on our website. Incense, Candles, and certain Corsets are on sale!…

We have Auctions up! Great deals!…

We have been experiencing Shipping glitches on the website, we have fixed most of it. There are still some items over pricing on shipping. We thank all those who have e-mailed us about these issues. We have put the following notice on our website until we get it all fixed:

*Shipping Issues on the Site* We have been experincing a bug in the shipping prices. We will be doing the following until it can be fixed: When you order and pay by Paypal we will reinburst you the diffrence, the overcharge. If you are paying by Money Order We will send you an E-mail with the correct shipping price. You can always chose to e-mail us for a correct Invoice from Google or Paypal with out having to worry about useing the check out system.

Our main website:
Our E-mail:
Sign up to our Monthly Newsletter to stay up to date on what we are doing:…
Well I had received an overwhelming amount of messages about this robe, that we had to add it to our website sooner then we thought. It is a limited Edition which means once its gone its gone.  The following link goes to the Deviant here, and in the description is the two links. One is for the Blog Entry on how the robe was made and the other is the purchase listing on our website. We do hop you all enjoy it. Have a great Full Moon and wonderful day/evening.
I am currently updating our website, which will be about sunday before its available again. I have also been busy working on a custom order I hope to be able to show it off on Monday, I was supposed to be able to have done it this past monday but the Painting on the Robe has taken longer then we thought. Which is fine because we want it to be a great pice. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

I still have many creations to add, but I will limit myself 1 every few days, I do not like to "Spam" the feeds. I do hope all enjoy the few things I have up so far. And I would like to take this time to say "HI" to all my new friends and followers here. Its nice to meet you all, and view your many talents. Have a very creative day everyone.

Just a side note I do all my creation updates on our main blog you can keep track of things we do there
Many Blessings